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Norm Goodkin, Project Management Professional (PMP):  Norm has been in IT and related technological fields for over 30 years, and has been managing IT efforts since the mid 1970's.  Prior to forming his own consulting business in 1986, he did hardware diagnostic programming, product assurance, and was an operations specialist for a large software integration and services company. He served as Director and VP for a number of companies, gaining experience with a broad range of military, government, and commercial applications.  In his consulting practice, he applied his experience to project management, system design, process reengineering, vendor management and project control, often for exceptionally large IT projects in the US and UK.  He has worked with business and IT management, communicating and delivering value to top level managers, their staff and vendors – he often servers as a bridge between highly technical and non-technical roles, identifying and solving critical problems, identifying business objectives and technical solutions.  His experience includes remote computing, access control, military C3I, financial, and government projects, including national utilities - he has recent experience in Sarbanes-Oxley and Pharmaceuticals IT projects.  Norm has degrees of Master Science in Business from UCLA and Master of Science in Physical Science from the University of Chicago; he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from UCLA.

Contact Norm at:  818 613-2257 or email him at norm@goodkin.net